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Key Skill Sets:

Automation System Hardware

Think3 are experts in implementing solutions for automated systems using off-the-shelf products, such as programmable logic controllers, remote IO modules, IIoT units, and many more.

Automation Software

Think3's experience in the automation software field is extensive. We are certified integrators for the Ignition platform, by Inductive Automation, as well as having skills in other software technologies such as web integration, databases, Java, Python, and more.

Electronic Product Development

Think3 has our own electronic product development facilities, and can assist in the development of customised electronic products for industrial applications. We are experienced with the use of many development tools, including software languages to make the hardware come to life.

Real-World Data Collection

Many of Think3's past projects have involved the collection, transmission, storage, and reporting of real-world data, which is data extracted from sensing physical properties such as temperature, pressure, distance, etc. In fact, in some way, all automation systems are about the collection and manipulation of real-world data! We can craft solutions for almost any data-collection requirements.

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