The Challenge

In an increasingly fast-paced and ever-evolving world, businesses need their people to focus on skilled tasks. When your people are spending their time and your money on mundane tasks that could easily be performed by technology, they are not effective in the forward-looking improvement and growth of your business.

The Plan

Technology can look like a complicated mine-field of jargon and hype, but in reality, practically all technological advancements are about helping people do things better or faster. Think3 can guide you through this mine-field, and help you choose appropriate technology for your business. We can then craft a suitable automated process utilising that technology, and assist you to implement it within your business.

The Outcome

Once your automated process is in place, relax in the knowledge that the job is getting done, and your valuable people can move onto more productive tasks.

Our Process
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The Process
01 - Plan with us.

We can help you identify areas of your business that could benefit from automated processes.

02 - Implement a process.

We can design, build and implement an automated solution for your process.

03 - Enjoy the benefits.

Whilst benefitting from your new automated process, start thinking about the next process you could automate.

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Recent Results

Resource Consent Reporting

Anzco needed to report water resource usage to their local regional council for compliance with their resource consent conditions. They already had electronic sensors that could be utilised to capture the required information, but this was manually entered into a spreadsheet and emailed to their regional council. Think3 assisted them to move the recording of this data into an automatic capture to database, then to automatically "push" that data each day to the regional councils servers without any human intervention, satisfying their resource consent conditions.

Anzco Foods Eltham

Flow Sensor Development

Mott MacDonald needed a sensor system that could infrequently measure large flow rates, but was very rugged due to the environment it was located in. Think3 used our electronic and product design skills to assist them to develop and build their own customised flow sensor and battery-powered logging module that suited the environment, and achieved the measuring characteristics required.

Mott MacDonald

Effluent Flow Monitoring

Mott MacDonald's customer needed the ability to monitor the realtime flow of several large effluent pipelines into their processing facility. Mott MacDonald also needed the ability to monitor this data offsite and historically. Think3 assisted Mott MacDonald to design and deploy an automated self-healing monitoring system that measured all the required parameters, transmitted them to the clients local processing facility for immediate process control use, but also "pushed" the data to Mott MacDonalds own servers via a cellular link so they could also monitor the system overall for potential issues.

Mott MacDonald

Robotic Meat Cutter Integration

Anzco had an existing abattoir into which they wanted to insert a third-party robotic meat cutting machine. Think3 worked with Anzco and their other sub-contractors throughout the system design and development phases, and implemented the automation software solutions required to monitor and track individual lamb carcasses throughout Anzco's slaughter and freezing processes, feeding them into the robotic cutting machine, and back out into the finishing and packing processes. This system utilised RFID tracking, along with various other technologies to achieve a significantly improved product yield to the customer.

Anzco Foods Rangitikei
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