About Think3

Think3 specialises in providing smart, integrated technology solutions for you and your organization.

Broadly, these solutions can be categorized as embedded electronic design and industrial automation, but are most often an integration of these, and possibly other areas.


Think3 began in 2003 with the owner, James Cooper, wanting to provide a service of more integrated technology than what was readily available to industry at the time. This has led to the inception of various products and technologies (many of which are still in development) to help achieve this.

James' relevant work experience stretches for over 20 years, starting at Kinematic Controls, spending some years at Rakon, then more recently with System Controls before starting Think3.


Think3 is based in Wanganui, New Zealand, but has a very clear vision of a global marketplace. To this end, we encourage you to try out our services no matter what your location. Our products are all designed to reflect global rather than purely local needs, to ensure a wide and varied customer base.